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Heart Forgiveness™ (2 “Participation” CDs, $25)
2 CDs take the Participant through the processes of energetically clearing glitches with Others, Self, God/Creative Force; and learning to live Unoffendable
so you are not controlled by anger.


Pure Health: Our Powerful Core™ (1 CD, $15)
This CD explains the foundational principles of Core Health in a live presentation to a large audience.


Clearing and Freeing Your Energy™ (3 CDs, $30)
The DTQ Process© (Deeply, Thoroughly, Quickly) dynamically re-activates a person’s innate healthy core.


Are You Funny With Money™ (1 CD, $20)
This CD takes the Participant through the background and clearing process in your relationship with the  Richness of ALL of Life.


Energy Measuring Made Simple™ (1 DVD,$17)  {Download free with Hardcover or Ebooks}
For managing your energy and for facilitating your
personal journey of Core Health.


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