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Beverly Barris, CHF, BFA, HFF

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Palm Harbor, Florida

Ph. 813-966-1246
I have been aware of “energy” since my twenties when I started my spiritual journey, and practiced applied kinesiology on myself for two years before discovering Core Health. This is a profound way re-gaining health and measuring one’s health. You actually feel better very quickly. After searching for ways to benefit myself including Standard therapy, seminars and extensive workshops, Core Health is by far the best process I’ve found to clear out negativity to be fully healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I knew within five minutes at the first Core Health seminar that I both wanted this for myself, and I wanted to facilitate and help others. I have been looking for this my whole life and was blessed to have finally found it. I am also an artist my whole life, painting murals and creating sculptures for client’s homes and businesses. I create portraits and spiritual paintings. My work, which is quite diversified, can be found in galleries and on my website Core Health is definitely worth experiencing and guarantees you the results you are looking for.

Learning Opportunities

Energy Essentials offers a variety of training opportunities that create and blend subjective experiences with objective/rational experiences to create a powerfully balanced whole.

Our main courses are Core Health and the Life Applications Series. Specialized group courses and participation by telephone can be developed.
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