Core Health Facilitators in Arizona:

Cathy Palasz, ACHF

Phoenix, Arizona
Ph. 480-544-2299

One of the biggest benefits I have gained from Core Health and Heart Forgiveness is the ability to tap into my heart and release anger and other pent-up emotions quickly and with a greater love for myself. My goal is to assist others to activate their own Inner Wisdom, by utilizing both Core Health and Heart Forgiveness in my work with individuals and groups. In addition to being an Advanced Core Health Facilitator, I offer sessions and workshops in Transference Healing, a high vibrational universal healing modality that provides additional support for an individual’s ascension process during this time of evolution. I am available for out of town travel and speaking engagements.

Learning Opportunities

Energy Essentials offers a variety of training opportunities that create and blend subjective experiences with objective/rational experiences to create a powerfully balanced whole.

Our main courses are Core Health and the Life Applications Series. Specialized group courses and participation by telephone can be developed.
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