A Facilitator completes 30+ sessions: Core Health, Heart Forgiveness, Continuous Meditation and other Life Application Series to clear their own self. They then complete their FACILITATOR TRAINING including a practicum of facilitating an individual through all 12 Expansion Levels of Core Health.

Download Heart Forgiveness Facilitator Training Document, Click Here.

Download Heart Forgiveness Facilitator Training Application, Click Here

Individuals completing Training in the 12 Expansion Levels of Core Health are designated CHF, Core Health Facilitator and are available to assist others with Core Health. Individuals with additional Skills Development Training are designated ACHF, Advanced Core Health Facilitators. ACHT, Advanced Core Health Trainer designates those capable of training others to be Facilitators.  Contact us at Health@CoreHealth.us.

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Learning Opportunities

Energy Essentials offers a variety of training opportunities that create and blend subjective experiences with objective/rational experiences to create a powerfully balanced whole.

Our main courses are Core Health and the Life Applications Series. Specialized group courses and participation by telephone can be developed.
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